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Musique Fantastique
Good music makes the World a better place.

Music has been going through a dark period in the last years and with time rapidly passing by, I have the conviction that the magic aura that enveloped music until the end of the 90s is lost forever. But not everything is completely lost where there is still hope that one day one come a wizard, a musician, a new messiah who will reinvigorate the music’s tree to bring it back to the splendour of the golden age. A wizard that will create a new music around which will rotate a new culture capable of changing the thinking of the people and makes the world a better place. I have big hopes and in this video I tried to represent him.



Created, directed and animated by
Pask D'Amico for Klesha production

Music mixed and produced by
Antonio Castiello for Jambona Lab

Music by
Drum: Simone Padovani
Doublebass: Silvia Bolognesi
Guitar: Antonio Castiello
Trumpet: Filippo Ceccarini
Sax Riccardo Filippi

Special thanks to:
Antonietta Maraglino for the Character's dress
Alessandra Fracasso for support

Al, Angela, Bodga, Maurizio, Andrea and all friends that support our stuff!

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Personal Work

Project date:

5 Febbraio 2019

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